Time to hunt for treasure?

TreasureDid you know that billions of dollars in savings bonds have stopped earning interest, but haven’t been cashed?  It’s time to look and see if you – or someone you gifted — have those bonds and cash them or, better yet, reinvest the funds.

In her column “Did you cash those savings bonds you got as a kid?” Detroit Free Press writer Susan Tompor explains how to use “Treasury Hunt,” the U.S. Treasury Department’s online search to find savings bonds that are no longer earning interest. Continue reading

Protecting your debit card

Debit CardMillions of credit and debit cards were compromised at one of the nation’s largest retailers last month.  This security breach means thieves could use account information to create new cards and make purchases or even raid people’s checking accounts.

While this is a problem for both cardholders, debit cards are often the bigger targets because they can mean cash, since they’re linked directly to a bank account. Continue reading

We’re proud to be a community bank

Loan growth at small community banks was up more than 6% in the second quarter of 2013, far outpacing the 2% growth reported by the top 25 largest banks in the country, according to research by Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Inc.

Why are more people and businesses turning to small community banks?  We have a different mindset than the big banks.  We pass on fewer costs to our customers, we’re quicker and more nimble, and we’re a local small business.

We can offer some services with lower fees because we don’t have the huge infrastructure costs of the large banks. Because we’re local, we respond quickly to our customers’ requests and make decisions fast.  Our customers will always talk to a person when they call and won’t have to punch a number to find them.

We care deeply about our local community and the people and businesses in it. We get to know our customers and understand their needs, and many times we can do more for them than a big bank.

Like most of our customers we’re a small business too, and we understand what it takes to operate one successfully.  We make a point of figuring out solutions to help our small business customers.

Check us out!  By banking local, you’ll receive personal customer service to meet your banking needs and you’ll be helping your community be successful.